Cargo Security

Cargo security is one of our highest priorities. Our procedures guarantee secure movements of your shipments while in the care of Sarcona:

  • Driver Screening. "Tailing" of random loads to insure point-to-point integrity

  • All cargo is tallied at time of receipt

  • Seals are verified, recorded and then broken only by Security Personnel

  • Containers and trailers are sealed by Security Personnel prior to leaving the loading area

  • Seal discrepancies are immediately reported and documented

  • Drivers verify the seal at the point of pickup

  • Permanent Record Logs of Seals are maintained indicating date, time, count, verification and any reported discrepancies

  • Counts are randomly checked by both Security Personnel and management as a quality assurance measure

  • Random "Seeding" and "Security Extraction" in both the shipping and receiving areas is performed to insure that employees are recording accurate tallie

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